Dear fellow practitioners and friends of Tergar Asia,

Recently, it has come to our notice that of the many AI-generated videos now shared on the internet, some of them appear to feature Mingyur Rinpoche discussing topics such as life and relationships in a way that is unrelated to his teachings on awareness, compassion and wisdom. Part of the content is even contrary to the teachings of Buddha dharma and may mislead and cause confusion among practitioners.

To avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary confusion, we at Tergar Asia hereby make the following declaration for your attention:

  1. Authoritative Information Source: All official speeches by and videos related to Mingyur Rinpoche should be released through the official websites of Tergar Asia, Tergar International or those organisations or communities established by Mingyur Rinpoche (see We publish certified and verified content on our website to ensure its authenticity and accuracy.
  2. Identifying False Information: If you encounter any videos online that you suspect are AI-generated (in particular those involving payment for activities to be participated by you or services to be provided to you) or if you have doubts about their authenticity, please be vigilant. Do not believe such information lightly or pass on such information to others.
  3. Consultation and Verification: We recommend that you promptly visit the homepage of the Tergar Asia website and click on the blue icon at the bottom right corner for online consultation whenever you have any doubts. Our team will provide answers and assistance to verify if the information you received is correct and accurate so as to ensure that you receive accurate Buddhist teachings and meditation guidance.

We appreciate your support and trust in Tergar Asia. Let us work together to resist the spread of false information and uphold the integrity of authentic Buddhist teachings.

Your understanding and cooperation would be very much appreciated.

Tergar Asia

20 May 2024