Tergar Osel Ling Monastry, Nepal

“Dorje Drolo Prayer Ritual” led by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (February 23 – March 2)
“New Year Kangyur Recitation” by Tergar Osel Ling monastics (April 5- 9)

The Benefits of Dorjé Drolö Practice

Dorjé Drolö is a profound practice which contains “all Three Roots in one”. The Three Roots refer specifically to the three spiritual foundations of Vajrayana practice which are the Guru, the Yidam deities and the protectors (including the Dakinis).

The root of blessing—Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava—blesses us so that our innate spiritual qualities of awareness, love, compassion, and wisdom may flourish.

The root of spiritual accomplishment—in this case the Yidam deity Dorjé Drolö—removes obstacles from our outer environment in the world, our inner realm within the body (such as sickness and disease) and our secret realm involving mental illness, mental suffering and afflictive emotions.

The root of spiritual activity, the female Buddha Dakini Mandāravā as well as the one million Dakinis, is engaged in enlightened activity to develop peace, spiritual enrichment, magnetizing activity and sacred power for the benefit of all sentient beings including ourselves. The root of protection, Mahakala Trakshé, protects us from our outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

To clarify, it is the Yidam deity who actually removes present obstacles but it is the protector or Dharmapāla who prevents us from encountering such obstacles in the first place. Lastly, this practice also includes Yellow Dzambala, a deity especially for enhancing the aspects of outer wealth and inner prosperity.

The profound practice of Dorjé Drolö is a treasure revealed by the first incarnation of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche which in the Tergar lineage is one of three main treasure practices.


Donations collected will be used for:
1) The expenses of the two pujas, including the feast offering, smoke offering, offerings of flowers, incense, lamps, fruit and vegetarian meals and offering for the sanghas.

2) After deducting the expenses of the pujas, the remaining donation will be allocated to Mingyur Rinpoche’s Sangha Cultivation Fund to support hundreds of monks studying in the monastery to continue their practice living expenses , cultivate teachers, provide for the living needs of long-term retreat practitioners, and support scholars for further study etc.


Welcome to accumulate blessings and wisdom for yourself and offer endless blessings to the world.

The registration deadline for donations is February 28, 2022


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#The prayer ritual will be broadcast live via Facebook. More details will be shared later. Please notice broadcast on Tergar Oselling Kathmandu, Nepal / Tergar Asia