Dorje Drolo Puja and Teaching on “How to Practice the Three Yanas on One Cushion” 

with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Tergar Osel Ling, Kathmandu
February 2-9, 2024
In-Person and Online 

Dorje Drolo practice is a profound practice that contains “all five roots in one”.
It comprises: 

  • 1. The Root of Blessing – Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava
    2. The Root of Accomplishment – Dorje Drolo
    3. The Root of Enlightened Activity – Dakini Mandarava
    4. The Root of Protection – Mahakala
    5. The Root of Prosperity – Zambala.

The practice is a terma given by Padmasambhava and concealed by Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal. It was revealed by the first incarnation of Mingyur Rinpoche.

In conjunction with the puja, Rinpoche will also give teachings on “How to Practice the Three Yanas on One Cushion”. Over six sessions, he will provide practical guidance on the meditation techniques that support your practice.

This event is open for both in-person and online participation. All are welcome.

Puja and Teaching Schedule

(All times indicated are Nepal time)

Puja Recitation Guide

How to join the event in person 

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Translation for Rinpoche’s teachings
Rinpoche will teach in English, with translation into Nepali and Tibetan.

Osel Ling will provide lunch for all dharma friends attending the dharma assembly. Please indicate on the registration form the date you would like to have lunch. Lunch is free and any donation will be appreciated.

Accommodation and transport
Osel Ling cannot provide accommodation and transportation. Please arrange your accommodation and transportation in advance.   

Here is a short video showing the way to Osel Ling: 

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First-day attendance
On February 2, the first day of the puja, please arrive at the Osel Ling registration counter to confirm your attendance. The registration counter is located in front of the Buddha statue in the garden. Check-in time is 8-10 am (Nepal time). Please bring your ID and the email confirming your registration.

How to join the event online 

Both the puja and the teaching sessions will be streamed live on Zoom and Facebook.
No registration is required for online participation

Facebook Live 

Zoom Webinar (No registration required)
Zoom ID: 890 8767 8117
Passcode: 821984

Translation for Rinpoche’s teaching
Rinpoche will teach in English, with translation into Chinese, Cantonese, Indonesian (avaliable on 3 & 4 Feb), Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese.

Can I make a donation?


Tergar raises funds every year to keep the three Tergar monasteries running and to support the study and practice of the roughly 500 monastics living there. The monasteries’ operating costs include utilities, and food and clothing and other living expenses for the students and teaching staff. 

The donations collected at this event will also go towards paying for the expenses of the puja, including the feast offering, smoke offering, offering of flowers, incense, lamp, fruit and vegetarian food and offering for the sangha.

Any donations are appreciated.

Deadline for donation
Donations are ended.