Mingyur Rinpoche has a dream.
He knows the mind can be trained to unleash its power.
His wish is for us to connect with awareness to unlock our potential;
nurture compassion to make ourselves and others happy;
awaken wisdom to have true freedom of mind

Rinpoche teaches from his experience, drawing from both Buddhism and science. He hopes to launch an education system that integrates the heart and the head, modernity and tradition, the local and the global.

An unexpected tremendous earthquake struck Nepal in 2015, which has destroyed the main hall in monastery. Rinpoche made plans to rebuild Osel Ling, where his plan for education would take root, from which its benefits would radiate to all corners of the world.

No matter where you are from, if you believe in the power of the mind and the possibility of happiness and wisdom, if you have experienced for yourself the joy of being with awareness, and want to share this joy with others, then please join us in supporting Rinpoche’s vision for education through the rebuilding of Osel Ling.

Happiness is made greater by sharing with others, it is said –
The more we share, the more happier we will be. If you wish to extend the benefits of meditation to more people, we invite you sincerely to support Rinpoche’s education blueprint.

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