1. Introduction and benefits of the puja

Five-root P­­ractice

Dorje Drolo is a profound practice which contains “all five roots in one”.

  1. The root of Blessing – Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava. Blesses us so that our innate spiritual qualities of awareness, love, compassion, and wisdom may flourish.
  2. The Root of Accomplishment – Dorje Drolo. Removes obstacles from our outer environment in the world, our inner realm within the body (such as sickness and disease) and our secret realm involving mental illness, mental suffering, and afflictive emotions.
  3. The Root of Enlightened Activity – Dakini Mandarava. Develops peace, spiritual enrichment, magnetizing activity, and sacred power for the benefit of all sentient beings
  4. The Root of Protection – Mahakala. Protects us from our outer, inner, and secret obstacles.
  5. The Root of Prosperity – Zambala. Enhances the aspects of outer wealth and inner prosperity.

The practice is a terma given by Padmasambhava and concealed by Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal. It is revealed by the first incarnation of Mingyur Rinpoche.

On the last day of the puja and teaching, we will receive siddhis to dedicate all the merits accumulated through eight days of practice to all sentient beings.

Liturgy in Tibetan with Chinese and English transliteration will be provided.

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    One-mandala Practice

    This year’s Dorje Drolo Puja will take place in the bare shell of what will be Tergar Osel Ling’s new shrine hall. It is also an auspicious occasion for both sangha members and laypersons to practice in one mandala.

    Participants may choose to do the “five-root practice” together with the san­­gha members. You may also choose to do your own practice (JOL, POL, Ngondro, Nectar of the Path, White Tara or your own style practice) in the same shrine while sangha members chant the “five-root practice” around you. Whatever practice you choose to do, with devotion and joyful diligence, all of us will receive an enormous blessing. With sangha members and laypersons practicing together in one mandala, the merits accumulated will be multiplied.

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    1. Mingyur Rinpoche’s Teaching

    Integrate meditation in daily life

    In the teaching sessions, Mingyur Rinpoche will teach us on how to integrate meditation in daily life. He will give us practical techniques to do both formal and informal meditation.

    Language and interpretation

    Rinpoche will teach in English. Nepali and Chinese interpretations will be provided onsite.

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    The puja and teaching will run from 8am to 5pm every day on Feb.13-20, 2023.

    This year the Tibetan Losar falls on Feb. 21, the first day after the puja.

    Below is the detailed timetable (Nepal Time).

    *Texts in red indicates the sessions when Rinpoche will be teaching. The puja will be conducted simultaneously.

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    1. Registering and attending the event onsite

    Registration form

    Registration closed already. 

    On Feb.13th, the first day of the event, please check in to confirm your attendance. Check-in location is in front of the garden Buddha Statue. Check-in is from 8:00am to 10:00am. Please bring along your ID and the email confirming your registration.

    Food, accommodation, and travel

    Tergar Osel Ling will provide lunch for all the participants. Please indicate the dates on which you need lunch in the registration form. Lunch is free of charge. Any donation is welcome and appreciated.

    Tergar Osel Ling is unable to provide accommodation and transportation. Please arrange accommodation and transportation on your own in advance. A map indicating the road to Tergar Osel Ling will be posted on Tergar Osel Ling Facebook page in early February. You may follow Tergar Osel Ling Facebook to get updates.

    We suggest you purchase international health insurance in advance in case of medical emergencies such as COVID infection or traffic accidents. In the meanwhile, you may also want to wear masks to protect yourself.

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    1. Zoom live streaming

    Link to Zoom webinar

    Please use the following link to access Zoom webinar –


    Webinar ID: 824 6418 8128
    Passcode: 202399

    All the sessions will be streamed throughout the day. When there is Rinpoche’s teaching sessions, the teachings will be streamed. For the rest of the time, puja will be streamed. There might be some breaks in the connection when the technical team switches between teaching and puja streaming. Apologies for any potential breaks in advance.

    Language and interpretation

    Rinpoche will teach in English. Chinese and Nepali interpretation will be provided. (The availability of other languages’ interpretation will be confirmed and announced in early February. Please stay tuned.)

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    1. Donation

    The event is free of charge. Any donation is welcome and appreciated!

    Use of the donation

    Donations collected will be used to:

    1) Pay for the expenses of the puja and teaching, including the feast offering, smoke offering, offering of flowers, incense, lamp, fruit, and vegetarian food and offering for the sangha and participants.

    2) After deducting the expenses of the pujas, the remaining donation will be allocated to support Tergar Oselling Monastery Complex building project.

    Registration for donation

    Donation registration link
    The deadline for donation registration is Feb. 17th, 2023.

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    1. Volunteering

    If you would like to volunteer for this event, please contact via email: tergaroselling@gmail.com or WhatsApp: Paljor +977 974-2537550. We are expecting a robust crowd of visitors at Tergar Osel Ling and as always, these events are almost entirely run by volunteers. If you would like to be part of a dedicated team of volunteers, we would most grateful.

    In your email or WhatsApp communication, please indicate you level of desired involvement: one time, occasional, frequent.

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    1. Contact us

    Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us via email.
    We will try to get back to you soon.

    Inquiries about the puja and teachings – tergaroselling@gmail.com
    Inquiries about donation – donation@tergarasia.org

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