Reading and reciting the text of the Heart Sutra may help us understand the meaning of the words, but how many of us are able to apply the wisdom of this famous sutra in our daily life, to help us work through our confusions and deal with our problems?

In his unique experiential teaching style, the Venerable Mingyur Rinpoche will teach how we can experience the wisdom of emptiness through the practice of the Heart Sutra. He will lead us to explore the nature of the five aggregates that make up the “self” – the sense of “me, me, me” that lies at the root of our negative emotions. Do our perceptions and sensory experiences really reflect reality as it truly is? Through the practice of meditation, Rinpoche will guide us on how to liberate ourselves from this self-centred, unhealthy sense of me, transforming it into the wisdom of emptiness.

This retreat is open to everyone. In addition, it will include two teaching sessions that are open only to those who have received nature of mind instructions in Tergar’s Path of Liberation Level 2 course. In these two sessions, Rinpoche will guide us on how to integrate the Heart Sutra – the essence of the Buddha’s prajnaparamita teachings – into nature of mind practice.

In this retreat, we will use the long version of the Heart Sutra, which includes an introductory and a concluding section, apart from the main text. The short version consists of only the main text.

Introducing the Heart Sutra

The Heart of the Transcendent Perfection of Wisdom, more commonly referred to as the Heart Sutra, is a concise yet profound and extremely important sutra in the collection of scriptures known as the prajnaparamita sutras. It is a classic text that is widely copied, read and recited, by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Though short, the sutra elaborates on the principles of the five aggregates, the Four Noble Truths, the twelve links of dependent-arising, as well as the reality of the emptiness of all phenomena and original purity of the mind. This sutra is considered to be the core of the entire collection of the prajnaparamita teachings and the essence of the 84,000 buddhadharma teachings.

1 Course content and date
Content: The Meditation Practice of Heart Sutra
Date: May 25-28, 2024 (Hong Kong time)

2 Prerequisites for attendance

  1. The retreat is open to all
  2. Two sessions are open only to those who have received Tergar’s Path of Liberation Level 2 teachings.

3 Registration dates
May 11, 2024 till May 24 (Hong Kong time)

4 Teachers
Main teaching: Mingyur Rinpoche
Review and practice: Tzunma Miao Rong

5 Language
Mingyur Rinpoche will teach in English, while Tzunma Miao Rong will teach in Mandarin, with English translation.
Translation languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.

6 Registration fees

Sponsor fee HKD 720
Base fee HKD 400
All ordained sangha Free


Tergar Asia is committed to making the opportunity and benefits of meditation available to everyone. If the fees are a deterrent, please contact Or leave us a chat message on the Tergar Asia website and provide us with your name and email address (


  1. Registration will close 1 day before the event.
  2. In case of cancellation, the registration cannot be transferred and the fee will not be refunded.

7 Registration link
Please register on the Tergar Asia Learning website:

8 Timetable 

Date Time (Hong Kong time)
May 25, 2024 13:30-18:30
May 26, 2024 10:00-18:30
May 27, 2024 10:00-18:30
May 28, 2024 10:00-18:30


9 Course material
These will be available after registration from the Tergar Asia Learning website