Mingyur Rinpoche will be giving precious teachings soon.  As we are expecting lots of people to come, volunteers in different areas will be helpful and appreciated.  If you would like to be part of the volunteer team, please fill in the volunteer enrollment form at http://eform.tergarasia.org/nepal-teachings-call-for-volunteers or send an email to nepalteachings@tergarasia.org  giving your first, second and third preferences from the list below.  You definitely will NOT miss any of the teachings.  Thank you very much and have a safe journey to Kathmandu.


Volunteer Jobs

Setting up (two days before the teachings begin)

  • Help with setting up the tent interior before the teachings begin, especially if you are arriving a few days early or live in Kathmandu. You will also be needed during the teachings.
  • Set up mats and chairs
  • Put names on the chairs of those who have booked one
  • Help set up the dining rooms, cleaning tables etc
  • Put out signage around Osel Ling and up the walking route.
  • Clean up around the site in preparation for the teachings.



  • Setting up signage, tables and chairs on the morning of the 8 April at the Nunnery in Swayambhu and again on the mornings of the 9 and 11 April at Osel Ling.
  • Ticking off registrants names and handing out registration packs and wristbands.
  • Providing information on seating, translation etc.
  • Being on hand to generally help

(*after completed registration, can keep one desk in the tent as service counter to provide general enquiry)


Meeting and Greeting

  • Meet and greet at registration
  • Meet and greet at entrances to the tent
  • Check wristbands and show people to their seats etc
  • Be available to direct people to the relevant team leaders etc
  • Wait at the top of the steps and at the main gate to greet people who are walking



  • We need fit people to meet participants who are walking to Osel Ling at the bottom of the mountain at the Nunnery and guide them to the Monastery on the mornings of the 9th and 11th.


Tent and Stage

  • Keep the area clean and tidy, including the tidying the cushions and chairs after each session (tidy team)
  • Help with setting up the stage area where Rinpoche and Khenpos will sit
  • Serve Rinpoche and the Khenpos tea and water
  • Help with flowers
  • After teachings finish on 14 April help clean and put away equipment etc.


Dining Room

  • Help with putting out correct number of dishes, cutlery, etc.
  • Serving
  • Check wristbands as people go in
  • Clearing up
  • Ensure drinking water and tea is available at the back of the tent or outside
  • Nepali-speaking volunteers would be very helpful to liaise with the kitchen staff and help the volunteers.


Mic runners and AV

  • Help with the mikes at question time (need to be able to move quickly and squat!)
  • Ensure batteries in equipment, including translation, and mikes
  • Assist with AV set up and during teachings


Bookstore and Information Stand

  • Help set up and run bookstore and information stand



  • Help prepare the grounds, signage etc
  • Checking public toilets
  • Litter picking
  • General environmental duties
  • Act as runners for the team leaders


Shop and Café

  • Help the monks run the shop and café. (volunteers need in the morning before programme starts, at breaks and during lunch time.).



  • Provide general help for enquiries, medial and any other needs if required.


Fund Raising

  • Help the fund raising team provide information, fill in the form and being on hand to general help for donation.