Available teachings:

Teachings on Amitabha’s Pure Land
About the course:online course organized by Tergar Asia, Nov 26-29, 2020
Bardo Teaching
About the course:online public talk, Nov 7, 2020
About the course:public teaching organized by Tergar Singapore, Oct 2-5, 2018

Available for applicants who meet at least one of following:
– Seniors over 65
– Major diseases or Seriously ill

In the past two years, retreats and dharma courses that would have been held in different places in Asia were moved online as a result of the pandemic. From time to time, these teachings are also replayed online.
Now in consideration of the needs of the elderly and the seriously ill, we’re making the videos of some of these teachings even more accessible. With Rinpoche’s kind permission, the elderly and the sick may now apply to listen to these teachings at their own pace and at a time convenient to them.


*for any inquiry, please contact: dharma@tergarasia.org