Author: Tergar Asia

2021 Joy of Living 2 Excerpts

Day1Day2Day3 Now the JOL2 is all about the discovering of love and compassion. We already found out in JOL1 that awareness is always with us. Similarly, love and compassion are always with us 24 hours. This basic innate goodness...

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2021 Essence of Diamond Sutra Excerpts

Day1Day2Day3Day4Day5 ▍Vajra, meaning unchangeable, strong, and being able to cut through everything. The teaching today that we’re talking about is called The Diamond Sutra. First of all, why do we call it Diamond Sutra? So, the...

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2021 Joy of Living 1 Excerpts

Day1Day2Day3 ▍What is “Joy of Living”? Joy of Living means living our life joyfully. So how can we live our lives with joy? There are two important things here. Firstly, we need to discover our basic innate goodness, which is...

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