Tergar Training

Tergar Meditation Training provides an in depth course of training in both awareness and insight meditation. The Tergar journey begins with the Joy of Living, a series of three seminars in which Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche presents practical advice on how we can use meditation to calm our minds, open our hearts, and develop insight into the true nature of reality. Emphasizing universal principles like inner peace, compassion, and wisdom, the Joy of Living teaches an approach to meditation that can be practiced by people of all faiths and belief systems.

The Path of Liberation builds on the foundational teachings of the Joy of Living, presenting a series of meditative practices designed to strip away the causes of suffering and uncover the radiant awareness that underlies all experience. This course of practice and study, based on the ancient Buddhist teachings of Tibet, addresses the fundamental confusion that lies at the root of all suffering, enabling us to uproot the distorted ideas and destructive behaviors that keep us trapped in a cycle of anxiety and dissatisfaction. This course of meditation training is recommended for those who feel inspired to make Buddhism their primary spiritual path.

Tergar’s unique approach allows for the integration of theory and meditation. The most important principles of the spiritual path are presented in an experiential manner so that they can be directly applied in our day to day lives.