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FAQ | Donation for the Droje Drolo Puja and Kangyur Puja

1.) When you click the relevant box in the Donation Form, you can then fill in a name. Only one name is to be filled in each box.

2.) Each relevant box can only be filled with single name, and maximum number are thirty (30)characters. Please fill in carefully and once you submitted, you cannot amend.

3.) For each name to be set out in the Donation Form, the donation amount required is HK$100 and the maximum number of names that can be included in each Donation Form is 15. If you wish to set out more than 15 names, please complete an additional Donation Form and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

4.) If the aggregate donation in one single Form exceeds HK$78000, please complete an additional Donation Form for the excess amount.

5.)If there is a problem with the donation link, please try to change your browser and fill in again. If you encounter problems with the mobile phone, please use your computer instead.

6.) At the end of the payment process, you will be notified by the message of “Payment successful – Thank you!” That means your payment is successful and you will receive an electronic receipt within 2 days. If the “payment successful” webpage does not appear, please try again.

7.)If the webpage cannot be opened, please try changing to another network or refresh your screen page or change to another web browser. If the webpage for making payment does not appear, please check the web browser setting to see if the message “the pop up of window is blocked or cannot be executed” pops up. If so, you can try again in another terminal or through another network. If you have difficulties in processing credit card payment e.g. credit card limit or rejection of payment, then you may use another credit card or cancel payment in the relevant payment webpage for making entries again and pay. For any payment which is not successfully processed, there will be automatic cancellation in the system and you would need to fill in the Form again.

8.) Within 2 days after payment is successfully made, you will receive an electronic receipt by email. Please check your email box in this respect. If you have made a payment successfully without receiving any receipt, this may be caused by the provision of a wrong email address, your mailbox being full, a connection issue with the email transfer agent or the network or such e-receipt being fallen into your junk mailbox. If you have not receive such e-receipt by email, please send email to and provide your name, contact number and the number of your Donation Form for us to follow up.

9.How I be able to know if the registration and donation are successful made? You will receive a confirmation page and thereafter, an e-receipt for any registration and donation which are successful made.

10.May I make a direct donation? Yes. For HK$15,000 donation or above, if you wish to remit to the monastery and/ or remit to Tergar Patron Foundation in Hong Kong directly, please send email to

11.Droje Drolo puja would be live broadcasted at facebook whilst we would arrange for viewing by the dharma friends in Mainland China through another way of broadcast. For queries, please wechat ID: Tergarthai.

12.There will not be any live broadcast for the Kangyur puja.

13.Due to any fluctuations as may be caused by covid 19 pandemic, there could be a change to various monlams and blessing events e.g. butter lamp pray at the last minute without further notification.

14.) As for the instant donation or support, the donation amounts received by us, after deducting the expenditure incurred for organising the puja, will primarily be applied towards supporting the Buddhist academy including meeting their expenditure required for the education and payments of various necessities such as food, clothing and medicine. The relevant report showing the receipts of donation and payments made would be released to the public 1 week at the website of Tergar Asia or at its facebook and your review of the same would be welcomed.

15.Pujas will be held according to tradition Tibetan Buddhism rituals. Name list for prayers to avert disaster and invite will be submitted to the Puja Mandala.

16.The registration deadline for donations is February 10, 2021

17.) Ereceipt issued is tax deductible which follows the HK Law and Inland Revenue Department.

18.) Some friends may fail when they try to pay credit card through mobile phone. Then there is no problem with the computer.

19.) Another situation is that there are some restrictions or settings for credit card payments in foreign currencies (eg Hong Kong dollars). Need to call the bank to cancel or reset. Perhaps the Hong Kong dollar is not as popular as the US dollar. Local bank credit cards may have certain automatic restrictions.