One Brick, Boundless Aspiration
Fundraiser for Rebuilding Tergar Osel Ling Nepal

In 2015, the big earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal. Tergar Osel Ling, the Buddhist College and monastery that Mingyur Rinpoche conducts, became one of most damaged monasteries in the area. Its main shrine cracked and collapsed eventually. Closed to 200 monks had to set up tent in front of the ruins in order to continue their study and practice.
Mingyur Rinpoche held teachings for students from around the world after he returned from the retreat in 2016 and 2017. A bigger tent appeared at Osel Ling to offer the space for over 1000 students to listen to Rinpoche’s teaching and practice.

Inside the temporary tent, people’s joy and wisdom blossomed from Rinpoche’s teachings. Rinpoche shared his experience from his retreat and gave precise teachings for people on different stages in their practice. 

As the home of Rinpoche and the lineage, Tergar Osel Ling must be rebuilt so that the teachings from Rinpoche and the lineage can have a better foundation to spread to benefit more people. 

We can all be part of this effort by joining the sponsor program of “One Brick, Boundless Aspiration”. May this offering for the precious Dharma be an accumulation of our virtuous deeds. 


The Present sent from the Impermanence

“What we can learn from impermanence?”

“The Buddha said, impermanence is actually an opportunity for transformation and brings the possibility of change.”

“In the great teachings of impermanence, we can rebuild the dream that brings benefit for others.”

“I always have a vision for education in my mind. I hope to integrate intellectual knowledge and mind training, studying and meditation, as well as tradition and contemporary studies, so that a system of education for modern world and local community can be formed. Now, from the ruins of the old monastery, we have a chance to actualize this vision.” —Mingyur Rinpoche



To Actualize Rinpoche’s Vision

To Accumulate Virtue for Oneself

Mingyur Rinpoche has determined to implement his education plan and actualize his vision with the purpose of bringing up more and more mature practitioners and teachers for benefitting all sentient beings.

To synchronize Rinpoche’s aspiration of wisdom and compassion, we also can act accordingly by becoming part of the donation scheme.

A Vision for education from Mingyur Rinpoche
Life Transform in Osel Ling
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