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Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶

The Vision of Tergar Asia is to make the ancient practice of meditation accessible to the modern world. 亞洲德噶的願景是將古老的禪修練習介紹給予現今世界。 What does Tergar Asia focus on? Established in 2010, Tergar Asia Foundation is the official Non-profit organization for Mingyur Rinpoche in Asia and focus on - Popularize meditation - Benefits all beings with Dharma - Preserve lineage - Actualize teachings 亞洲德噶專注於? 成立於 2010年,是 「詠給明就仁波切」 將古老的禪修練習介紹給現今社會的正式亞洲區非營利組織。亞洲德噶致力 - 普及禪修 - 以法利眾 - 守護傳承 - 實踐教導 Tergar Limited is a registered charitable institution, also known as Tergar Asia Foundation, Tergar Institute, Tergar Meditation Centre H.K., Tergar Patron Foundation. 德噶有限公司是一間註册慈善機構,也稱為亞洲德噶基金會、德噶學院、德噶香港禪修中心、德噶護關基金。
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶April 9
Dear friends, we are delighted that the landing page for Tergar Asia’s 2024 program with Mingyur Rinpoche is ready. Please visit https://www.tergarasia.org/asia-events/2024-annual-teachings/ for information about each event as it becomes available. See you at the events!
親愛的朋友們,亞洲德噶與明就仁波切2024年課程的活動網頁已經準備好。請到 https://www.tergarasia.org/asia-events/2024-annual-teachings/?lang=zh-hant 以了解有關每項活動的資訊。活動中見!
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶April 2
On April 6, Tergar Institute will host a live info session about its 2024 Foundations of Buddhist Experience Program. All are welcome to join the session to learn more about this unique study-practice opportunity. Joining the session requires registration. Find out more in Tergar Institute's post.

The 2024 Tergar Institute program is offered in English only.

For more info, see


Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶Maret 30
# Become a Meditation Teacher

Do you have a passion for meditation and want to help others experience its transformative power? We are thrilled to announce that applications for the 2024 Tergar Meditation Teacher Program (MTP) by Mingyur Rinpoche are now open through May 5, 2024!

Receive direct guidance from Mingyur Rinpoche and our distinguished faculty and guest speakers, including Dr. Cortland Dahl, Dr. Richie Davidson, and Tergar instructors.

Join Our Webinar on April 6 to Learn More

Tergar will host an informational webinar on April 6 to provide general information and answer any questions about the program. Register for the webinar:

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted from March 18 to May 5, 2024. Any applications received after May 5 will be added to the waitlist. Be aware that the number of participants is very limited. If you have any questions, please contact mtp@tergar.org

[Apply Now] https://training.tergar.org/?mc_cid=90e4549e0a&mc_eid=UNIQID

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