The Tergar Meditation Community offers a wealth of opportunities to learn and practice meditation, to follow a path of Buddhist practice, and to study the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Tergar’s unique approach focuses on the importance of integrating meditation and spiritual study with one’s immediate life circumstances.

There are three main programs in our community. The Joy of Living is a path of meditation that can be followed by anyone, regardless of religious or cultural orientation. The Path of Liberation is an extension of the Joy of Living and provides a path of meditation practice for those who feel inspired to follow the Buddhist path. Our Exploring Buddhism program offers a course of study based on the core teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Joy of Living

The Tergar journey begins with the Joy of Living, a three stage path of meditation training through which we learn how to calm the mind, open the heart, and develop wisdom. Though rooted in the spiritual tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the meditation practices that are taught in the Joy of Living work with basic functions of the heart and mind, such mindful awareness and loving-kindness and compassion. These teachings can be practiced by people of all faiths and belief systems.

Path of Liberation

The Path of Liberation is an experiential path of meditation practice for those who feel inspired to follow the Buddhist teachings of Tibet as their primary spiritual path. Building on the foundational teachings of the Joy of Living, this path presents a series of meditation techniques designed to strip away the causes of suffering and uncover the radiant awareness that underlies all experience.

Exploring Buddhism

The Joy of Living and Path of Liberation are accompanied by the Exploring Buddhism program, a multi-year study program that covers the core teachings of the Three Vehicles of Tibetan Buddhism: the Foundational Vehicle, the Great Vehicle, and the Vajra Vehicle. These teachings address the full spectrum of Buddhist thought and practice, starting with teachings on the Four Noble Truths and leading up to the philosophy of Buddhist Tantra.