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Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶

What does Tergar Asia focus on? Established in 2010, Tergar Asia Foundation is the official Non-profit organization for Mingyur Rinpoche in Asia and focus on - Popularize meditation - Benefits all beings with Dharma - Preserve lineage - Actualize teachings 亞洲德噶專注於? 成立於 2010年,是 「詠給明就仁波切」 將古老的禪修練習介紹給現今社會的正式亞洲區非營利組織。亞洲德噶致力 - 普及禪修 - 以法利眾 - 守護傳承 - 實踐教導
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶30 10 月
Hi everyone,

Rinpoche’s birthday is coming up on November 20th, and we’d like to celebrate by expressing our appreciation for all the support, encouragement, and instructions that he has given us.

We invite you to share a few words of his that have helped you in your life and practice. Write them onto a card or sign, then take a picture or a selfie with it for us to give to Rinpoche on his birthday – Tergar International will compile the photos into a special birthday presentation.

Just use the hashtag #happybdayYMR and post the photo on your Instagram or Facebook, or send the photo to before November 16.


11月20日是 詠給明就仁波切的生日。為了慶祝這美好日子,我們想邀請大家對仁波切給予我們的鼓勵、支持和教導表達謝意。


這是由國際德噶所發起的活動,請在11月16號前,將照片發佈在您個人的Instagram 或Facebook(請用#happybdayYMR)。
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶26 10 月
2020 Tergar Asia Online Retreat
Joy of Living Level One
Teaching Summary of the third teaching session from Ven. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Be aware of the thought, and just be with it

The thought meditation is to be with any thoughts. It doesn't matter whether it is a positive thought, like thinking to help others, or a negative thought, like harming others, or a neutral thought, like thoughts in the daily life. So any thought is okay.

For negative thoughts, as long as you do not bring that into action - a speech or physical action, it doesn't matter whatever thought it is, when we are being with the thoughts, it could become the support for meditation.

Now we're going to practice the thought meditation together.

Please keep your spine loosely straight. And let's rest your mind in the open awareness.

Now, please be with the thought... the thoughts about the past and the memory, or the thoughts about future plans, or the thoughts about right now. Positive thoughts, neutral thoughts, or negative thoughts, all are okay.

All of them are like the clouds in the sky. Beautiful clouds or ugly clouds, storm or the blue sky with the sun shining, none of these would change the sky.

Awareness is always there. Awareness is with the negative thoughts, the positive thoughts, and the neutral thoughts.

So we try to be with the awareness.

Focus on the thought, just like listening to the song, or watching the flower.

Last, please rest your mind in the open awareness again.

What is your experience of watching thoughts?

In the practice just now, when you watch the thoughts, there would be two experiences.

1. The first experience: thoughts disappear.
When you watch thoughts, they disappear. Normally we don't watch thoughts and have a lot of thoughts. But now when you look at the thought, it doesn't come.

It is very good. There is a few seconds that you cannot find thoughts but you are not lost. That's a gap. So stay with the gap. No need to look for thoughts again.

The example for this is that you are waiting at the bus stop for a bus. There's no bus. And suddenly one bus is coming, and you are so happy and you try to get on the bus. However, it also just left, so there's no bus again. Like in the thought meditation, there is no thought, and you are waiting for thoughts. There is one thought coming. You're quite happy, and try to look at the thought, but then the thought is gone.

2. The second experience: you can see thoughts.
When you look at the thought, it does not disappear. It is also very good. Thoughts become the support for your meditation.

It is like watching your inner television. When you watch television on the screen, so many things are happening there. When you feel bored, you can watch this 360-degree big screen, 3D television without any monthly fee to pay.

But there is one problem with this inner television, which is the stories in the programs are quite boring. The programs are all the sameand played again and again. Nevertheless, if you can watch the same and boring program again and again, the result will be different. Your mind would become more stable, peaceful, and flexible.

As long as you remember to Watch, you would experience two types of liberations

In fact, as long as you watch the thoughts, it is okay whether they disappear or not. I have made a new terminology for this, called two types of liberations.

1. Horizontal liberation
Horizontal liberation means when you watch the thought, it disappears, and there's a gap, which is in between the past and the future. That is a non-conceptual experience. And if you could stay in this gap, this is very good.

2. Vertical liberation
When you watch thoughts, they don't disappear but you are not lost in the thoughts. It's like when you can see a river, that means you are out of the river, and are not lost in the river. If you are in the river, you cannot see the river clearly. A traditional example is that if you want to see a mountain, then you have to go to another mountain to see this mountain. If you are in the mountain, you cannot see the whole mountain.

Therefore, if you can see thoughts, that means you are out of the thoughts. But thoughts don't need to disappear. There is a vertical space between you and the thoughts, which is the vertical liberation. So you can see thoughts, thoughts don't disappear but you are not in there.

You cannot control these two experiences, because there are personality differences. Some people look at thoughts, and the thoughts disappear. For some other people, the thoughts don't disappear. So don't try to look for one particular experience. Maybe today you experience the vertical liberation, then tomorrow you experience the other one.

Awareness has a healing, purifying and guiding power

It is a really amazing technique that you don't need to do anything. Just be with it. Just be aware of that thought and emotion, and automatically they will be transformed.

Through awareness, our mind would naturally become happier, present, peaceful, creative, and be liberated.

In the traditional example, once the sun appears, the frost in the morning would naturally melt. The sun doesn't need to think about melting the frost, and the frost doesn't need to ask the sun. This happens spontaneously and automatically.

Or when the sun comes, the darkness is automatically eliminated. Awareness is like the light. Sometimes it is called “Clarity”, or “Luminosity”. Awareness has the power of healing, purification, and the natural power of discovering our fundamental nature.
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶26 10 月


▍ 覺知念頭,與之同在












▍ 念頭禪修,你是哪種狀況?




就像是在公車站,卻一直等不到車,好不容易看到車來了,但這時車卻跑掉了 ;在做念頭禪修時,你等待著念頭出現,好不容易有個念頭來了,但是當你試著要去看念頭時,念頭就不見了。




▍ 只要記得去「看」,就能體驗兩種解脫



當你看著念頭,念頭並沒有消失,但是我們沒有丟失在念頭中。就像你能看到河水,就表示你不在河流當中 ; 如果你身在河中,就無法清晰地看見整條河流。



▍ 覺知有著療癒、淨化、指引我們的能力



傳統的比喻,太陽一旦出現,晨間的冰霜也就自然融化了; 太陽不用意圖融化冰霜,而冰霜也無需請求被融化。一切就這麼自然地發生。


( 2020 明就仁波切 亞洲德噶線上閉關「開心禪一階」第三堂 10月25日 開示摘要)
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶25 10 月


▍ 二十四小時都有覺知,為何不是二十四小時在禪修?



好比你擁有全世界最棒的手錶,但你沒認出它是支手錶,以為它只是手鐲,因此,即便你手上戴著它,也不懂得透過它查看時間,它也就無法為你顯示時間 ; 一旦你認出它是手錶後,它就富有價值,能夠發揮作用,幫助你認出時間。


▍ 禪修四種狀況,你是哪一種?


1. 總是感到昏沉、想睡
2. 念頭、情緒變得更多
3. 我不知道自己是否在禪修
4. 我可以和覺知同在







▍ 仁波切與老朋友的故事

我在七、八歲時就有了恐慌症,當時我很想抗拒它。那時候,即使我爬到了山頂,恐慌也跟著上山 ; 有時我走進山谷茂密的森林,恐慌也是跟著我。當我試著跟朋友們玩耍的時候,恐慌還是如影隨形地跟我在一起。








( 2020 明就仁波切 亞洲德噶線上閉關「開心禪一階」第二堂 10月24日 開示摘要)
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶25 10 月
2020 Tergar Asia Online Retreat
Joy of Living Level One
YMR Second Teaching Summary

We have awareness all the time, but why are we not meditating all the time?

Everybody has awareness. Since awareness is with us all the time, why are we not meditating all the time?

When we have not recognized awareness, even though we have that quality within us, it is hidden from us. It is not beneficial for us.

If you had the best watch in the world but you don't know what it is, you thought it is just a bracelet. Therefore, even though you are wearing it, you do not know how to read the time from it, and the watch cannot tell you the time either. Once you recognized what it is, it becomes valuable, and beneficial for you to check the time.

Therefore, to recognize our innate qualities is really important. Joy of Living level 1 mainly focuses on helping us to recognize the awareness within us; level 2 mainly focuses on love and compassion; and level 3 mainly focuses on discovering the wisdom within you. Through the recognition of these qualities, they can truly manifest.

Which one of the four meditation experiences do you have?

I have a question for you. What is your meditation experience?

1. I always feel dull and sometimes sleepy.
2. My thoughts or emotions are getting more.
3. I don't know whether I'm meditating or not.
4. I can be with the awareness.

For the first situation:

If you feel that you are always dull and sleepy, be with that, and do sleeping meditation, which includes sleepiness, dullness, and drowsiness. When you feel sleepy, be with the sleepiness, the fuzzy, foggy, and heavy feelings, and you don't need to change or control anything. Just be with them. Then all these feelings become the support for your meditation.

For the second situation:

If there are more thoughts and emotions, you could use the thoughts and emotions as the support for your meditation too. Normally when we meditate, at the beginning, we would feel like we have more thoughts and emotions than before. That is a good sign. It is like a muddy river. We cannot see the fish or rocks in the water. When the river becomes calmer and clearer, we can see the fish and rocks in it. This is the same. When you meditate, your mind would become calmer and clearer, so you could see more thoughts and emotions.

For the third situation:

If you don't know whether you are meditating or not, then you just be with this feeling of uncertainty. As long as you know that you don't know, that is awareness. So that has become meditation too.

For the fourth situation:

If you can be with the awareness, that is great, wonderful.

When you could use everything as the support for your meditation, then you could be liberated from the causes of suffering, tension, stress, and pain. That is transformation and self-liberation.

If you are looking for happiness, and trying to get rid of unhappiness, then your happiness would be like the stock market, which is always up and down. However, if we can be happy with the happiness, and also be happy with the unhappiness, then we will discover the real long-lasting happiness.

Rinpoche's story with his old friend

I had panic attack when I was 7 or 8 years old. Back then, I really wanted to fight with the panic and get rid of it. When I was hiking in the mountain, the panic would follow me up there. When I went down to the deep forest, the panic followed me down there. When I played with my friends, the panic followed me there too.

Then my mom suggested me learning meditation from my father. I started to learn meditation when I was 9 years old. Because I really wanted to get rid of the panic, when I practiced sound meditation, I would say to the panic that“Get out! I am meditating on the sound.“ Sometimes this worked but sometimes the panic became stronger.

My father told me,“Don't fight with the panic. Welcome the panic.” Then when I meditated, at the beginning, I said“Hello, panic. Welcome.“ It helped. The power of the panic became less. However, deep down in my mind, I still wanted to get rid of it. I was saying welcome but indeed I was thinking,“If I welcome you, you will not come back again.” The motivation was the same, so it was a fake welcome. Although even it was a fake welcome, it helped a lot.

When I was 13 years old, I went to the three years retreat. In the first month, it was very good. After one month, the laziness came into my retreat. And then it brought the panic as well. My panic became worse and bigger in the retreat.

I had thought of leaving the retreat but I felt embarrassed because I have told all my friends about this three-year retreat. However, if I stayed in the retreat, I had to stay for more than 2 years.

In the end, I decided to stay in the retreat. Then I really let go of the fighting with the panic and accept it from my heart. And then I used my panic as the support for my meditation. A few weeks later, my panic and I became very good friends. The symptoms were still there - my heart sometimes beat fast; there was tightness around my neck; I had sweat and headache; and unpleasant sensations came into my body. Nevertheless, I felt quite excited and happy from my mind, as I could watch these experiences in my body and the panic could no longer affect me. However, when we finally became very good friends, the panic said bye-bye and was gone.

Although I lost one friend, my panic, but I have new friends, because we all have problems and sufferings, which are international. Actually, you can make friends with any problem, or suffering, or pain, and use them as the support for meditation.

In my life, there are always ups and downs, which are at the relative level. At the deeper level of my mind, there is always a sense of peace, confidence, and gratitude.