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Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶

The Vision of Tergar Asia is to make the ancient practice of meditation accessible to the modern world. 亞洲德噶的願景是將古老的禪修練習介紹給予現今世界。 What does Tergar Asia focus on? Established in 2010, Tergar Asia Foundation is the official Non-profit organization for Mingyur Rinpoche in Asia and focus on - Popularize meditation - Benefits all beings with Dharma - Preserve lineage - Actualize teachings 亞洲德噶專注於? 成立於 2010年,是 「詠給明就仁波切」 將古老的禪修練習介紹給現今社會的正式亞洲區非營利組織。亞洲德噶致力 - 普及禪修 - 以法利眾 - 守護傳承 - 實踐教導 Tergar Limited is a registered charitable institution, also known as Tergar Asia Foundation, Tergar Institute, Tergar Meditation Centre H.K., Tergar Patron Foundation. 德噶有限公司是一間註册慈善機構,也稱為亞洲德噶基金會、德噶學院、德噶香港禪修中心、德噶護關基金。
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶11월 22

我們得到一個令人悲痛的消息,德噶光明寺總管列些喇嘛(Lama Lekshey)因病於今早在印度辭世。





爾後遵從祜主 詠給·明就仁波切的指派,於菩提迦耶德噶寺執教並管理寺院多年。






Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶11월 22
Dear friends in the dharma,

It is with sadness that we share the news that the general manager of Tergar Osel Ling Monastery Lama Lekshey has passed away in India this morning from an illness.

Lama Lekshey's body will be sent to Sherab Ling, where Guru Vajradhara His Holiness the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa will conduct prayer services and confer blessings. Various other monasteries are also arranging for prayers for the deceased.

Lama Lekshey was born in 1978, and received monastic ordination when he was 13 years old.

In 1996, inspired by his faith and devotion, he found his way to Palpung, India, the monastic seat of Guru Vajradhara His Holiness the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa. There at its Sherab Ling shedra, Lama Lekshey completed nine years of study and practice.

During this time, he also spent three years at Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala to attend His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa, assisting His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa on teaching matters and earning his trust and praise.

Following that, Lama Lekshey was instructed by the Venerable Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche to serve at Tergar Monastery in Bodh Gaya, where he taught and managed the monastery for years.

From 2010 until recently, Lama Lekshey took on the heavy responsibility of managing Tergar Osel Ling Monastery in Nepal.

After the Nepal earthquake of 2015, Tergar Osel Ling had to be rebuilt. Lama Lekshey selflessly decided to postpone his initial plan to go into a three-year retreat to oversee this challenging job.

During this time, Lama Lekshey put his previous experience of assisting rebuilding works at Sherab Ling to good use and demonstrated outstanding management and coordination skills. He worked with many different parties to fundraise and oversee the construction work, effectively solving problems that arose and allowing the project to proceed smoothly.

Lama Lekshey was full of good humour, humble and courteous, and was respected for the way he conducted himself and treated others.

Although Lama Lekshey has left us, his warm heart and great support for dharma activities will always inspire us.

With the blessings of our gurus, may Lama Lekshey be reborn in the Pure Land and continue to benefit all beings.
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶11월 20
上師詠給 · 明就仁波切,生日快樂!感謝您為學生和世界所做的一切。祝仁波切,長久住世,祈願都圓滿!

邀請您到明就仁波切的YouTube 頻道來慶祝明就仁波切的生日,與他的學生和世界各地的禪修社群一起,在為期一天的視頻活動中慶祝和實踐仁波切對於覺知、慈悲和智慧的教導。歡迎大家參加!



YouTube 頻道:


Webinar ID: 834 8524 2783
Passcode: 533298
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶11월 20
Happy Birthday, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche! Thank you for all you do for your students and the world. May you live long, and all your aspirations come true!

Celebrate Mingyur Rinpoche’s birthday by visiting his YouTube channel to join his students and practice communities worldwide to celebrate and practice Rinpoche’s teachings on awareness, compassion, and wisdom in a day-long video event. Everyone is welcome!

On YouTube
Premieres at 10am Hong Kong time

Asia communities:

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Starts at 10am Hong Kong time

Webinar ID: 834 8524 2783
Passcode: 533298
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶11월 19
敬愛的上師 明就仁波切 生日快樂!



Happy birthday to our beloved teacher, Mingyur Rinpoche!

Rinpoche has shared his birthday wish for the year: world peace, environmental balance, and for all beings to recognize their true nature. On November 20, the Tergar mandala will come together to celebrate the birthday of our beloved teacher, Mingyur Rinpoche, by practicing meditation and making an aspiration for all beings to discover their innate well-being.

We invite you all to join us in practice on this joyful day.