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Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶

The Vision of Tergar Asia is to make the ancient practice of meditation accessible to the modern world. 亞洲德噶的願景是將古老的禪修練習介紹給予現今世界。 What does Tergar Asia focus on? Established in 2010, Tergar Asia Foundation is the official Non-profit organization for Mingyur Rinpoche in Asia and focus on - Popularize meditation - Benefits all beings with Dharma - Preserve lineage - Actualize teachings 亞洲德噶專注於? 成立於 2010年,是 「詠給明就仁波切」 將古老的禪修練習介紹給現今社會的正式亞洲區非營利組織。亞洲德噶致力 - 普及禪修 - 以法利眾 - 守護傳承 - 實踐教導 Tergar Limited is a registered charitable institution, also known as Tergar Asia Foundation, Tergar Institute, Tergar Meditation Centre H.K., Tergar Patron Foundation. 德噶有限公司是一間註册慈善機構,也稱為亞洲德噶基金會、德噶學院、德噶香港禪修中心、德噶護關基金。
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶2월 5
“Dorje Drolo Puja” and “Teaching of How to integrate meditation in daily life”
Led by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Tergar Osel Ling, Kathmandu.
Streamed live via Zoom on February 13-20, 2023

Dorje Drolo is a profound practice which contains “all five roots in one”, including The root of Blessing - Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava, The Root of Accomplishment - Dorje Drolo, The Root of Enlightened Activity - Dakini Mandarava, The Root of Protection - Mahakala, The Root of Prosperity - Zambala. The practice is a terma given by Padmasambhava and concealed by Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal. It was revealed by the first incarnation of Mingyur Rinpoche.
In conjuction with the puja, Rinpoche will also give teachings on How to integrate meditation in daily life. Over six sessions, he will provide practical guidance on both formal and informal meditation.
Both the puja and the teachings sessions will be open to the public.

Zoom Webinar (No registration required)
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82464188128?pwd=dWVRSW01ZnVmdFVzYkhhbkhNR01BQT09 Live streaming Time : 10:15 - 19:15 (BJ, HK, MY, SG, TW time)
Passcode: 202399
Online Translation: Chinese, Cantonese, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai

Puja Donation link: https://support.tergarasia.org/2023-dorje-drolo-puja/

Donations collected will be used to:
1) Pay for the expenses of the puja, including the feast offering, smoke offering, offering of flowers, incense, lamp, fruit and vegetarian food and offering for the sangha.
2) After deducting the expenses of the pujas, the remaining donation will be allocated to
Oselling construction cost.
The registration deadline for donations is midnight 17 Feb, 2023

On February 12th, there will be an update of the details of the event. Please pay attention to the Asia Tergar official website (www.tergarasia.org )and social media.
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶2월 5
由怙主 詠給·明就仁波切主法及教授
日期: 2023年2月13日 - 20日
舉辦地點: 尼泊爾德噶光明寺

「忿怒蓮師」是將五根本合而為一的甚深修持方法,包含加持的根本 - 蓮花生大士,成就的根本 - 多傑卓洛,事業的根本 - 空行母曼達拉娃,護法的根本 - 瑪哈嘎啦,財富的根本 - 黃財神。此修法是由蓮花生大士交付空行母益西措嘉封藏,並由第一世明就仁波切掘出的伏藏。

法會進行期間,明就仁波切還会開示「如何將禪修融入日常生活」,透過六堂課, 教授實用的座上和座下禅修技巧。
直播時間 : 10:15 - 19:15 (京、港、台、星、馬時間)
線上語言翻譯: 中文、廣東話、印尼文、日文、越南文、泰文

Zoom研討會 (無需報名):
Passcode: 202399

功德款用途 :
1.) 法會開支: 薈供、煙供、供花、供香、供燈、供果、供僧、供齋等等。
2.) 扣除法會開支後,餘款將撥入光明寺重建計劃

2月12日, 將有活動細節更新,敬請參加者留意亞洲德噶官網(www.tergarasia.org)及社交媒體。
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶1월 2
僧眾們代表十方信眾在佛陀證悟的菩提迦耶摩訶菩提寺供燈 108 盞和供
Tergar Monastery Bodhgaya New Year Prayer has been completed
On behalf of the participants, the Sangha members offered 108 lamps
and flowers at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, where Buddha
was enlightened, and prayed for the world and beings. The Monastery
has printed a list of all the participants to receive blessings at the Holy
place on their behalf. Please do your own dedication.
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶覺得笑瞇瞇。12월 31


A 2023 New Year message from Mingyur Rinpoche

Dear friends, a happy new year to all! In this New Year message, Mingyur Rinpoche encourages us to never give up on uncovering our innate good qualities, and leads two short meditation practices to give us a meaningful start to 2023.

Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
In this New Year’s message for 2023 Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche speaks to the value of communities and individuals within communities. He offers a perspective th...
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶12월 26
Tergar Monastery Bodhgaya
New Year Prayer
January 1st, 2023

In the past three years, global pandemic has affected many around the world. China, in particular, sees a massive outbreak of coronavirus over the past few months. Many of us, or our close relatives and loved ones are facing serious, or life-threatening, medical issues. In this difficult time, Mingyur Rinpoche and Tergar Monastery, out of great compassion, have kindly agreed to pray for all the beings affected by the pandemic.

On the 1st day of 2023, sangha members in Bodhgaya Tergar Monastery will perform two pujas. The first puja aims to give blessing and eliminate obstacles. Sangha members will pray for the pandemic to subside and all beings to enjoy health and happiness. The second puja aims to pray for the deceased, especially those who have passed away in the pandemic. Mingyur Rinpoche himself will also pray for the deceased in his practice to benefit them for their journey through the bardos, for their purification of bad karma and for helping them accumulate merit toward a good rebirth. Sangha members will also offer 108 lamps and flowers at Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya to bless all beings for lasting peace and happiness.

The event is free of charge. Everyone is welcome to register. Please provide the names of those in need of prayers for blessing and/or the names of the deceased in the registration form.

Please click the link to register -

If you would like to donate, you may choose “rebuilding project in Nepal” in the donation form -

We appreciate and rejoice your generosity.