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TRAVEL TO TERGAR OSEL LING  Nepal 前往尼泊爾德噶光明寺 常見問題 (2019年4月更新版本) 課程內容、日期和地點 課題:  <與覺知,慈悲及智慧同在> 開心禪精華課程 日期: 2019年4月9至14日 時間 :   每日上午9點開始至下午5時 地點: 尼泊爾加德滿都德噶光明寺   1) 地點: 尼泊爾加德滿都德噶光明寺 英文名稱及地址: Tergar Oselling Monastery,  P.O....

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Tergar Meditation Centre Hong Kong and Tergar Asia Foundation are trade names of Tergar Ltd which is a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong since Oct 2008. Tergar Ltd and its affiliates (hereinafter called as TERGAR)...

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This Privacy Policy applies to the services available on or through TERGAR’s website at and all related domains and sub-domains (“Site”). Generally, the personal information is collected directly from you at...

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