Date(s) – January 7, 2019 – May 3, 2019
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Experiential Foundation Buddhist Studies Course
Tergar Transformative Education Program
Kathmandu, Nepal

Please note: This event is not sponsored by Tergar International. We are listing the event here as a service to Mingyur Rinpoche and the community.

Learning Buddhism can be fun, alive, directly connected to experience and life-changing. Our new Foundation Studies course is a microcosm of the full spectrum of Buddhist Transformative Learning and is for people who would like to gain a deeper insight into all three vehicles of the Buddha’s teachings.


Mingyur Rinpoche has been key in developing this course, personally overseeing the content and methodology. Rinpoche will teach several sessions in this course, but will not be one of the main instructors.

Participants are facilitated to not only sharpen their intellectual knowledge, but to also undergo an inner transformation of their thinking, emotions and behaviors. In Buddhist terms, this aims at transforming body, speech, and mind. Transformative learning goes beyond transmitting knowledge and facts, stressing the internalizing and integrating of what is learned.

The content of the program goes through the view, meditation and conduct of the Shravakayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana vehicles of Buddhism. The four Buddhist philosophical schools, from Buddhist materialism to the Middle-Way perspective, are taught in a manner that brings to life the key points of each school. The aim is to encourage open-mindedness, curiosity and capacity for multi-dimensional understanding.

This Foundation Studies course gives equal weight to engaging head, heart and doing. We co-create with the participants an open and safe environment so they can make mistakes, ask questions and relate creatively and personally to all that they absorb. The arts, crafts and movement are an integral part of the learning process and serve to ensure the experience is filled with joy and laughter.

The aim is that by the end of the four months, participants have a firm foundation of Buddhist principles and meditation, have nurtured their inner experience of life, and have developed resilience through arts, crafts, physical activities and meditation practice.

15 weeks of classes (Monday to Friday) include:

  • 225 hours of Buddhist philosophy and history
  • 170 hours of guided group meditation and regular bespoke individual sessions with experienced meditation guides
  • 150 hours of arts & crafts and movement including drawing, painting, sculpting with clay and stone, wood-carving, weaving, plant dyeing, music, yoga and dance
  • Once a month pilgrimage to Buddhist sacred sites within the Kathmandu Valley (at an additional cost)
  • A reading week in February and April
  • Weekly small group and whole-group facilitation
  • Pastoral care

Tuition Fee:
Benefactor (supports the scholarships): US$6,000
Standard: US$2,700
Financial aid will be available for a few seats once Benefactor and Standard places are filled.

The tuition fees charged for this course will be used to cover the course expenses, offer scholarships, and fund a full-time teacher training program for the Tergar monastic primary schools.

Accommodation on a twin-share basis with full board: US$500 per month

Entry requirement: Fluency in English

Confirmation of acceptance to the course is subject to successful interview.

Please address enquiries and requests for registration to:
George Hughes:
Dr. Sree Sukumar:

Tergar Transformative Education Director:
Dr. Meyrav Mor: