Samagaun and Samdo in Nubri region are remote villages situated at 3,550 m and 3,900m altitude in the Himalayas of Nepal; they are located 6 and 7 days walk from the nearest road network. Both villages are traditional agro-pastoral Tibetan communities, and the harsh climate (it can go down to -20 degrees in winter) means only 3 crops, potato, wheat and barley, grow during the year, for a duration of only 3 to 4 months. Climate change has rendered yields more even more unpredictable and scarce and made women, who are traditionally in charge of the agriculture work in the village, acutely vulnerable. This means the whole community, especially children and elderly, suffers a food security crisis.

To remedy this situation Tergar Charity Nepal last year built 15 passive solar greenhouses to help the most vulnerable women grow vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and chilly locally. The greenhouses are designed with 60 % local material such as 40 cm stone walls and mud plaster, as well as thick fiber plastic panels and beams roofs for maximum insulation. This enables women to grow vegetables 9 months a year and feed their families. Building on the success of the project, this year, Tergar Charity Nepal needs your help in building 32 more greenhouses in Samagaun and 15 in Samdo to reach more family to solve food security issue. Please join us support this Greenhouse Project to bring wellbeings to local villeages. Any questions or inquiry, please contact us Thank you.

Support Now

Option for supporting for reference (US Dollar)
Total 1 greenhouse: $1,800
Poly carbonate sheets for roof: $800
Stone wall construction: $500
Iron beam structure for roof: $300
Aluminium doors and windows: $100
Vegetables gardening material+ seeds: $62
Any amount is needed and appreciated.