📣📣📣⚠️⚠️⚠️Here is an urgent announcement and notice to every one⚠️⚠️⚠️📣📣📣

We note that there is a Facebook account known as “Tergar Asia” ( ⚠️❌ https://www.facebook.com/tergar.asia94 ❌⚠️) which has wrongfully borrowed the name of our organization and the pictures of Rinpoche for creating a fake Tergar Asia’s Facebook account or perhaps such account is hacked (in either case, the “Relevant Facebook Account”). The Relevant Facebook Account has also shared our own Facebook posts for improving its credibility.

We have been recently notified by Tergar Asia’s students that the Relevant Facebook Account has privately messaged them in relation to donation matters and the bank account so provided by them is certain bank account in the name of some individual, instead of the official donation link or bank accounts of Tergar Asia. Hence, we hereby announce and kindly remind you that the Relevant Facebook Account is neither our official Facebook account nor recognized by us. Tergar Asia will not privately message or request you for donations to be made to any bank account maintained in the name of any individual. If you have any query, please get in touch with us.

Below sets forth:

🔵 the official Facebook account of Tergar Asia: https://www.facebook.com/TergarAsia

🔵 the official website: https://www.tergarasia.org

🔵 the official donation link of Tergar Asia: https://support.tergarasia.org

for your reference.

Tergar Asia 🙏🏻