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Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶

What does Tergar Asia focus on? Established in 2010, Tergar Asia Foundation is the official Non-profit organization for Mingyur Rinpoche in Asia and focus on - Popularize meditation - Benefits all beings with Dharma - Preserve lineage - Actualize teachings 亞洲德噶專注於? 成立於 2010年,是 「詠給明就仁波切」 將古老的禪修練習介紹給現今社會的正式亞洲區非營利組織。亞洲德噶致力 - 普及禪修 - 以法利眾 - 守護傳承 - 實踐教導
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶9월 21
[#Joyful Wisdom#MingyurRinpoche]

Taking a break from the daily grind ~ Mingyur Rinpoche

Utilizing those few seconds when you find yourself willing or even desiring just to take a break from the daily grind to observe your mind rather than drifting off into daydreams. Practicing like this, "one drip at a time," you’ll find yourself gradually becoming free of the mental and emotional limitations that are the source of fatigue, disappointment, anger, and despair, and discover within yourself an unlimited source of clarity, wisdom, diligence, peace, and compassion.

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Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶分享了 1 則帖子。9월 20
Rinpoche's new Chinese book will launch soon. 仁波切的中文新書快將出版
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶分享了 1 則帖子。9월 20
警告: 今早國際德噶的 facebook (臉書)發出一條聲明消息:有人自稱是詠給 明就仁波切, 並透過 facebook messenger 臉書短信方式和德噶學生互動。在此告知大家這是一個騙局。 仁波切本人不會使用 Facebook。 其官方個人帳戶是由 Tergar 員工和學生管理的。仁波切在官方的 Facebook (臉書)上曾做過"驗證個人資料"。 大家可以在其實名的 facebook 個人資料中, 看到一個細小的藍色複選標記。 如沒有看到該驗證標記的話, 就表示該頁面不是仁波切真正的臉書官方頁面。請大家留意。


Warning: this morning we had another report of a fake profile on Facebook purporting to be Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and reaching out to his students via Facebook Messenger. Please know this is a scam. Rinpoche does NOT use Facebook. His Facebook account is managed by Tergar students and staff. Rinpoche has a “verified profile” on Facebook. You will see a little blue checkmark next to his name if it is the actual official Facebook profile. If you do not see this checkmark this is not the real Rinpoche's page. Thank you!
Tergar International Staff.
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶9월 20

Becoming free from Suffering ~ Mingyur Rinpoche

As long as we don’t recognize our real nature, we suffer. When we recognize our nature, we become free from suffering.

#WelcometojoinJOLprogram. #mingyurinpoche #joyofliving #meditation #awareness #compassion #wisdom
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶分享了 1 則帖子。9월 19
Rinpoche's teaching in Moscow 仁波切莫斯科開示
Tergar Asia 亞洲德噶
Тергар Москва - Медитация
Друзья, по многочисленным просьбам публикуем специальное секретное упражнение от Мингьюра Ринпоче, регулярное выполнение которого помогает переоценить все жизненные проблемы 😂👌🏻 Эти и другие техники по программе, разработанной Ринпоче, уже совсем скоро мы начнем закреплять и разбирать на занятиях Школы медитации Тергар. Двухмесячный курс «Успокоение ума» начнётся уже 30 сентября. Ждём вас:

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